Many people enjoy visiting areas of Florida when they want to take a vacation. If you own a home that you’re not living in, then you might want to consider updating it to make it one of the vacation homes Key Colony Beach offers for tourists to enjoy. The following ideas are only a few of the ways that you can ensure your home is ready to welcome new tenants for at least a few days at a time.


Instead of just anyone being able to enter your home, you might want to consider getting new locks that have a combination on them so that vacation renters have to ask for the code before getting inside the house. This will make it easier for you to decide who you want to rent your home to and who you might want to keep out because the only people who will be able to get inside are those who you feel would take care of the property.

Offering the Basics

When you offer one of the vacation homes Key Colony Beach residents and tourists can enjoy, you should consider offering a few toiletries. You don’t have to furnish everything for your guests, but you should include toilet paper, small bottles of shampoo and soap, and even small toothbrushes and toothpaste. You can make a basket of these items that you’ll place on the bathroom counter each time someone leaves your home so that there are new items for the next person to use.

Insure Your Home

Even if you screen everyone who rents your vacation home, you still need to get insurance coverage in the event that something is damaged or stolen. You can consult with your agent about what you plan to do with your home and the amount of coverage that you might need.

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Written by Addison Cooper